This platform is built out of sincerity.we have studied the mistakes and errors of other platforms, especially in the areas of payment, and we understand that prompt payments is what makes a platform to flow, successful and running healthy. We therefore bring a new concept and new payment strategy that has never been used before.
We can never promise you what we can’t pay you.
This are the ways you can earn in nownowalert below

This is not read news and get paid, all you have to do is create post and share sponsor post.

1. (NOWNOWALERT AFFILIATE): We give you up to half of ur referrals Registration fee.that means you earn 50% per each referral When you introduce or someone joins through you on NOWNOWALERT. That means you get #1000 on each person that join.

2. Login Bonus : you will earn #50 for daily visits to the website

3.Create Post : NOWNOWALERT registered members earn #100 for any well composed post you create .Once the post is approved you get paid. You can write on a topic of your choice.

4.Read News: Reading news is just an additional way to make money. you get #3 for any news you read.

5.SPONSORED POSTS : This is where you earn the most apart from referrals earnings. This sponsored post is very important in our platform.
There could be more than one sponsored posts everyday, and you earn #100 on each immediately you share our sponsored post correctly and accordingly.

6: Advertising: You can advertise your product and service if you wish for a little amount.

7: Selling Advert spaces : Members can sell advert spaces and take almost 80% of the earned revenue from these adverts. They get instant pay to their account.
There are some other ways to earn like first to share a sponsor post, first to comment, highest referals etc.


joining NOWNOWALERT community, purchase a coupon code for account activation for just #2000

Minimum withdrawal for referral is #1500 and it’s 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Minimum withdrawal for activities earning is #2000( you don’t need referrals to cash out this amount) and it’s once in two weeks.


8: Another powerful way you can earn on this platform (now now alert) is through the investment program.
You donate your spare money (at your own risk ) as capital to the platform  and after 20days you can request for your capital and interest of 50% inclusive.
The platform is collaborating with other business investors. Therefore we’ll convert your money to use into businesses like bitcoin, forex trade etc and give you back both capital and interest of 30% at the end of 7days.
You must be a registered member of this platform ( before you can participate in this investment program.

To start follow the instructions below:

1: Go to coupon vendors on the front page menu , click on it to open then scroll down you will see account number that the platform decides to use for the investment program then copy it.

2: Transfer your capital to the account number.(Amount of money you want to invest) you can also pay through paystack.

3: Then go to create post fill in your username slash amount in the area of “title”. eg rickzee/invest 10k

4: Then move down in the big box/column upload your screenshot and write down your full name under it.

5: Then Scroll down to category. Tick “investment”.

6: Then scroll down and click on publish or update.

7: Now Wait after 20days from which you can withdraw your capital and profits.